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Can xh reduce child maintenance

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Coincidenceschmoincidence Thu 02-Jul-15 21:34:03

On the basis he says he does 104-155 nights of childcare a year when he doesn't?

It's more like 80 nights most years and will possibly be almost 100 by the end of this year due to dp and I having a 2 week holiday for the first time in 3 years.
This month he's having them only 3 nights as he works abroad a lot.

Will the csa listen if I can prove he doesn't do as much as he claims?
At the moment he's saying he'll cut the debit by next month. confused bit stressed out as it makes a big difference to us.

fuzzygel Fri 10-Jul-15 20:51:05

Yes they'll listen. If there is a disagreement over the amount of overnights, the cms I believe put in a standard of 1 night per week so he'll end up losing out.
If he starts cutting payments without involving them just get him put on collect and pay

midnightvelvetPart2 Tue 14-Jul-15 10:17:03

Yes they will listen to you, phone them asap brew

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