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Split of assets for stay at home dad

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beresh Thu 02-Jul-15 13:23:04

Asking for a friend thinking of divorcing her DH - been married 12 years, early forties, friend has always worked except for 5 year career break on having 2 kids, now in a part time >100k job. Husband has never worked, but has done a degree, doctorate, post doc and last 2 years been job hunting (couldn't find anything high level enough) and doing part time childcare for school aged children. They own a house but with a large mortgage. Kids would stay with the mother.

What sort of split of assets could the DH expect? Would she have to pay ongoing maintenance and if he left the country would it make a difference?

Many thanks for any information!

EdithWeston Thu 02-Jul-15 13:28:34

Does he agree about where the DC will live?

It sounds like your friend can afford legal advice, but she can expect to be told that the start point for allocating assets is 50/50, so they made need to move if she cannot afford to buy him out of half the house. Spousal maintenance is awarded less often, and only for specific length of time (to allow non-working spouse sometime to job hunt and generally get back on their feet).

beresh Thu 02-Jul-15 14:49:44

Thanks that is most helpful for her to know she won't have to support him indefinitely and yes he wants the dc to live with their mother.

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