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Contact for DC during week

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Toastandstrawberryjam Tue 30-Jun-15 21:52:42

Can somebody explain what the norm is and if I am being unreasonable and unfair?

In process of divorce, I still live in MH he moved out. When he went he said how he wanted 50/50 blah blah, would change his working hours etc etc. obviously that hasn't happened. So now the pattern is he comes once twice a week to see the DC. Youngest is 8 and goes to bed 7-7.30. Despite him knowing this he usually can't get here until 7.15. Then wants to play in garden with them or generally do high energy things. Will try to get them in bed at 8, when it all goes pear shaped due to overtiredness. It then means she will finally fall asleep about 9.30 (or later) very upset.

He thinks it's his right to see them.

Tonight has ended in a blazing row, he comes here to see them, usually I go to the gym or wherever until 9.30. But I've been very ill since Friday and desperately wanted an early night. Which I couldn't have because he was still here.

Surely if he can't be here early enough to take them somewhere he should at least understand about bedtimes and try and keep to them during the week? Especially when he is here?

midnightvelvetPart2 Tue 14-Jul-15 13:04:34

Does he see them at the weekends?

From your OP he's putting his needs before the childrens' so no, I wouldn't be happy with it. Children need to get their sleep to cope with full on school days & some children like a routine & it can be upsetting when that routine is broken suddenly.

If he wants to see them in a week then I'd insist on certain regular days & times, so every Tuesday but he's gone by 7:30 for example.

Leostar Tue 14-Jul-15 15:22:18

I've had something similar. He expects me to take them to his mother's where he's staying for her to put them to bed so that he can aee them for an hour in the morning before he goes to work.

Apparantly in law no parent has a right to see their children. It is the children who have a right to see their parent. I hope that helps.

My STBX also came out with the 50/50 nonsense. Just going theough his form e now. So far only four pages of notes!!

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