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Messy seperation access to children

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rupertpp Mon 29-Jun-15 19:39:36

My brother is going through a very messy separation. She has also made an allegation against him and involved the police. He has not be charged with anything and the police are investigating. He has been told not to have any contact with his wife.
Will he still be able to have access or visit his children during the separation.

Can anyone advise how he can secure some sort of access to see his children.

lifebeginsat42 Tue 30-Jun-15 18:20:56

I have no specific experience of this but I'm thinking the obvious answer is he needs to get himself a good solicitor. S/he will be able to advise and ensure he maintains access.

I know this can be expensive, but if she is lying and causing him difficulties then I don't see what option he has.

Sorry I can't be more help.

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