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name not on mortgage heading to divorce

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readytoroll Thu 25-Jun-15 20:13:22

Hello mums am new here, and need your hubby wants a divorce cause for the past 2years things have been going down and down to now worse. I travelled and he was happy for me to go back to Kenya . I stayed there for 3weeks for some business( I paid for the live in Nanny with no help from him, bought LO's nappy and ready meals before living).thou I was not working at that time . When I got back he was not happy I apologized and we decided to try again. Needed his phone so picked it up and my eyes caught a conversation between him and his sister. ��
Her: is Mrs still there?, do you know she should be paying you some £ as you are not living as a married couple,she's more like a lodger.( I use to sleep in the guest room) he sees nothing wrong in her text and wants me to get along with his family like nothing is wrong.
2. Looking at his mails found an email he sent to someone along for legal aid and his father had given him the contact. And he still wants me to be ok with his family.
Now he says he can't be with someone who does not get along with his family so would like to divorce. am happy with that but what's brought me here today is today while an argument he told me. " there is the door walk out." And I said this is my home LO is 2 turning 3 am not leaving her this is my house too. He then reminds me that when we were taking the mortgage with Halifax cause am a foreigner and not on the electoral roll I could not be added so I sign and the document said I could be thrown out at any time.
2)once I went out come home drunk and slept on the kitchen floor he took me a photo.
3. He earns way than me but when I was earning 1000 a month from the old house we used to live in I would give him 300 as part of the mortgage till when we moved to the new house in October I started giving 400 for the mortgage in cash until September last year .
He has told me he will pay the best solicitor money can buy not to loose little one and the house and make sure I get nothing.
At the moment I earn 600 cause have to work part time so he can also go to work and work full time. What are the positives and negatives in this. Any snag help will be great anything to take me a step ahead. Am lost alone here don't know what to do all I told him was am waiting for the letters from his lawyer then I can contact citizen advice.

CainInThePunting Thu 25-Jun-15 20:17:59

I think you need to get yourself some proper legal advice as soon as possible.

petalsandstars Thu 25-Jun-15 20:20:02

If you are married then he's not able to just throw you out. See a ssolicitor ASAP

Polroger Fri 26-Jun-15 04:31:09

You need a form from the land registry, see this:

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