Child Maintainance

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happyeeyore Sun 24-May-15 11:25:04

My husband left me out of the blue (after being moody and distant for months) after 32 years of marriage. I'm a full time carer to 2 adult children and I have a sixteen year old.

I am desperately trying to be practical and not emotional.

He has 3 part time jobs and his gross pay is about £1800 a month, but he pays about £350 a month to pensions.

He has left me with no money and huge repair bills.

I think he has been planning this for a long time, because he has put all the bills in my daughters name and been feathering his own nest.

I have a solicitor appointment on Wednesday. Should I talk to my ex before I go and see the solicitor to see if he is going to play fair - or see my solicitor first?

FlabulousChix Sun 24-May-15 18:37:34

His only obligation is maintenance why any father would put bills in his child's name is beyond me that's scandalous did your child now if not go to the police it's fraud

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