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Divorce solicitor solihull

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pootlefallon Fri 01-May-15 13:32:19

Hi, can anyone recommend a divorce solicitor in Solihull? I don't know where to start.

babybarrister Fri 01-May-15 21:21:46

Pm collaborate who will know someone

98percentchocolate Fri 01-May-15 21:35:26

Standley & Co in Knowle are very good. My mum is using them and so far they have been fantastic.

98percentchocolate Fri 01-May-15 21:36:12

And I'm sorry you are having to go through this flowers

pootlefallon Fri 01-May-15 21:59:29

Thank you. Just found out my husband has been having an affair since my twins were 5 months old. They are 4 in June. I feel like the most trusting and stupid woman in the world right now. And all the time he made me feel like our marriage issues were my fault. Went to months of counselling. Never mentioned it. I have asked him outright and he denied it. There is no way back.

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