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Dh stalling divorce over 'period of mourning'..

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Deckthehallswithdesperation Sat 14-Feb-15 21:23:58

After suffering a final burst of my dhs vitriol I handed him divorce papers the day after his mum was buried (crap timing I know, but I just couldn't take any more abuse). She was 92, had been poorly for ages, so we were expecting her death, it wasn't a suprise. My dh has now said he won't even consider the divorce or find a lawyer himself for a minimum of 6 months, perhaps longer, while he 'grieves' in peace. Fair enough to a period of mourning but I think he is stalling so he has plenty of time to hide assets. He has never let me see a bank statement or bill in 20years! Everything is locked in a safe. I am a sahm & he gives me 'pocket money'. All assets are in his sole name. He has made me what he considers an excessively generous offer of 1/5th assets & I can go to hell if I think I'm getting a penny more! Does anyone know what would be considered a reasonable period of mourning?

strawberryblondebint Sat 14-Feb-15 21:32:06

I have no real advice however he sounds abusive. I would get a solicitors advice Asap. Stay strong. Bumping for you till someone better comes along

AddToBasket Sat 14-Feb-15 21:35:10

Er, no, ignore the period of mourning stuff. He is still trying to control you. what info have you got re his money?

Longdistance Sat 14-Feb-15 21:36:11

How long have you been married? Do you have dc? Does he work or have his own business?
He can't put a time line on grieving, but he does sound abusive.

Deckthehallswithdesperation Sat 14-Feb-15 22:28:10

Yes he's abusive. Took me a long time to see it. Married 18.5ys together for 20. 2 dcs at home. He's self employed.

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