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Separation and moving out.

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buytwolet Tue 10-Feb-15 12:05:10

My wife (of 8 years) has asked me to move out of the family home. I have been main carer (SAHD) to our two children (boy 3 and girl 5) while she works overseas in the week, home at w/ends! Trying to keep things amicable I pointed out that our circumstances would likely mean I'd get full custody and so she has agreed to buy another house where I continue looking after the children until they are 16 on the basis we keep access open.

I am hopefully returning to work in September when my youngest starts school (agency van driving lined up) and have savings to support us until then.

Question is would I be entitled to child tax credits as my wife has only agreed to cover the *equivalent of rent and council tax she'd be stretched to offer anymore tbh and my future income is expected to be erratic.

*She is remortgaging the family home to raise a deposit on the additional home and has an agreement in principal for an interest only mortgage to cover both homes.

This arrangement suits both of us.

Floundering Tue 10-Feb-15 18:33:19

Wow -sorry you are having a tough time but congratulations on (thus far) keeping it amicable over the kids & finances.

I would say yes you would get TC's & working family tax credits but google "entitled to" & it helps you calculate. Alternatively if you have time to hang on the line for the helpline I have always found them quite helpful. Not sure how the ex paying your mortgage would affect this.

Even though you are both in agreement it might be worth splashing out for some legal advice on the implications of the housing situation.

Good luck.

sarahlaw Wed 11-Feb-15 16:30:40

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