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Surely too early to introduce a new partner?

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toomanyprojects Thu 05-Feb-15 19:41:46

We separated at the end of December. Three children aged 8, 11 and 15. He is having them to stay every other weekend. This weekend he has decided to introduce his girlfriend which I think is very early (6 weeks). Now he has told me she will be staying the night as well. Surely this is far far too early. A terrible role model for the children and what kind of emotional effect will it have on them... interested to hear others' experiences.

Rummikub Thu 05-Feb-15 19:42:43

I'd feel uncomfortable with that too.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 06-Feb-15 14:06:46

Yes it is almost certainly too early, but whilst you can discuss it with your Ex he can just ignore you.
IME it will come back and bite him on the bum.
At least he waited slightly longer than my Ex who introduced GF 3 days after moving out and he is surprised DD knows why we split ( I have never discussed it).

HellKitty Fri 06-Feb-15 14:10:09

Was she the cause of the split? Or the ow? Only it won't be a brand new relationship of only 6 weeks in his mind. But yep, too early. Way too early.

bella1968 Fri 06-Feb-15 15:27:58

I agree way too early and even though I'd be outraged, I'd be more upset for the children as they are of an age to be quite aware of what is going on. Unfortunately as he's obviously such an ass for even considering this whilst his children are trying to get accustomed to the split of their parents you probably won't be able to do a damn thing unfortunately.

My thoughts are with you, I wish you good luck. flowers

toomanyprojects Fri 06-Feb-15 19:01:51

Thanks everyone. Looks like for various reasons he has re-considered the staying over which is a huge relief.

DaddyGivesUp Mon 09-Feb-15 23:42:48

Too much too quickly, We took about 4 months to intro new partner, and then she joined us for desert after we had pizza in a restaurant. Was probably about another 7-9 months before she stayed over.

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