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Consent Order Chaos

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SheerWill Fri 30-Jan-15 07:29:33

Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me. I am currently in the process of divorcing my stbxh. He left Feb 2012, we waited 2 years then I started the divorce proceedings Feb last year through an online company. Before I started this we went to mediation an came up with a memorandum of understanding, but at the time I was being treated for severe depression brought on by years of his emotional abuse and bullying, so basically didn't really fight my case and just agreed to whatever he wanted.

The deal ended up as he wouldn't touch my teachers pension (I've been teaching for 10 years) or my house (I have an interest only mortgage on a property worth 190,000 shared ownership house, of which I only own 40%). I can't actually live in the house due to what I experienced there, so I have friends renting off me and I live elsewhere with my ds. I would not make a claim on his company which he started during his paternity leave, and for which I basically became a single mother from then on, as he ran his company with every waking moment, rather than be a supportive partner of father. I ended up going back to work part time after 4.5 months as he took a pay cut without discussing it with me, so he could work for his company full time. Then because we were in such dire financial straits I went back to work that September when ds was only 8 months (so missed his first steps, something I can never forgive him for). Instead I was offered 6k to pay off some of the debts I incurred because I was with him.

I've not sent this memorandum off with the consent order, but I'm not happy about it. He's starting to get really pushy, demanding that he's able to read through the consent order and asking for me to give Divorce Trak permission to talk to him about the divorce. I'm usually quite a strong person, but I just let him steam roller all over me, as it's just easier. I'm nto really interested in money, I just want to be divorced. I know it's probably taken longer than he would have liked but as a busy teacher its hard to find the time to dedicate to paper work etc. I just looked his company online and they've boasted about turning over £300,000 a couple of months ago. Stbxh has a 33% share in this company and I just feel like I'm getting a raw deal really.

Is it too late to get legal advice and redo the consent order? Is the memorandum binding - could a new one be drawn up, or is it worth just getting the whole thing over and done with (I'm so tired of him bullying me).


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