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Seperation after a decade?

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RosieRose2011 Thu 15-Jan-15 21:44:35

I have joined this forum as I am looking for some support in coming to a decision to seperate from my partner of 10 years, we have a toddler and were meant to marry.

I feel like things have got progressively worse between us since I became pregnant (planned) a number of years ago, and has culminated in him recently leaving the house.

He has told me he wants to get somewhere else to live, and since he has gone has only contacted me regarding tasks that need completing around work and chores around joint assests. Anything emotive I say is shut down or ignored. I'm not sure if this is his hurt being expressed, or if he simply doesn't care, or doesn't want to be with me but does not want to be the one taking action.

Totally swinging from feeling exhilerated at the thought of being by myself (I find parenting immeasurably easier on my own as he constantly challenges everything I do or say) and incredibly sad and nostalgic. I have spent many years feeling as though I am essentially controlling/managing his behaviours to prevent him from doing something so hurtful as to mean we can't stay together, so it feels very scary and alien to simply let the cards fall where they may.

I have also realised that I have let all my friendships fall away, I have no social life at all.

Sorry for long post, probably just a bit in shock at the suddeness of this and seeking some support in any capacity.

Wombat22 Fri 16-Jan-15 20:28:15

Hello OP. I don't really have any advice but have a look at the relationship threads. It's always fairly busy and some useful advice posted there. thanks

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