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DIY Divorce & child name change

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oatcats Mon 12-Jan-15 12:17:30

I have been separated for 6 years, he is in Northern Ireland, I am now back in England. The facts.

We have a 7 year old child. He hasn't seen him for 5 years, his choice. He hasn't worked since separation so I get maintenance £5 from his job seekers weekly.

I am still in contact with my ex in laws and have a good relationship and they come and visit.

Financially no ties, we rented a house whilst married.

Can I easily do a DIY divorce or do I need solicitors involved?

Second issue is name change. My son is 'known as' my surname in school but legally on birth certificate/passport etc he is my old married name. I changed mine back by deedpoll.

I know in order to change his by deed poll and change his passport etc I have to have ex permission or a court order if a judge thinks ex wont engage to agree/disagree. Anyone been through similar?


Soila Mon 12-Jan-15 17:39:21

Hi Oatcats,

I filed for divorce after 5 years separation simply by going through the courts. Cost? Less that £500.

If I'm not mistaken I believe you could qualify for the same.

With regards to you son not sure how to go about that. Why are you looking to change names?


FreeSpirit89 Tue 20-Jan-15 17:51:48

Similar situation to you, not married though. DS had exs surname contacted deed poll, they advised to send an absent father letter (there website has templates) basically declaring. You have no way to contact him to obtain permission. He hasn't seen (child) since x time.

They granted mine no worries, that was in April last year.

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