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Financial survival

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winkywinkola Sun 07-Dec-14 00:02:59

I have only just started work after 9 years of not working. I simply did not feel i could cover the cost of child care whilst I worked. Zero confidence too.

So now I'm freelancing a bit. But I am worried about covering costs for me and the dcs.

What can I realistically expect. In a settlement ? I don't want to be mercenary but I don't want to be stitched up either.

STIDW Sun 07-Dec-14 01:29:38

In England & Wales divorce settlements depend on the overall circumstances and no one can tell you where you stand without knowing the details.

Generally a good starting point is to research local property prices and both parties mortgage raising capacities. Because your husband earns more than you he can raise a larger mortgage and that may justify a larger share of assets in your favour, although it does depend on your ages and the duration of the relationship (marriage + cohabitation before.)

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