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house problem

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ConfusedNC Sat 08-Nov-14 08:39:36

Xhtb lives in our joint owned house. After he ended our marriage he refused to leave and I couldn't stay there, so was forced into rented accommodation with our son.

Dv is plodding on. Haven't got to finances yet.

Anyway, xhtb has just told me he thinks the roof is leaking into our son's room there. This is entirely possible.

The place needs new roof and render.

What do we do? He may buy me out but will take ages. If not, we'd sell it.

Not sure if this is best place to post either!

ClaireRalph Thu 13-Nov-14 14:16:04

Any financial contributions you make to the repairs need to be fully documented, so that when the financials are sorted out the settlement can be adjusted to work out fairly.
E.g. if he buys you out he has to pay you back the contribution that you made to the repairs. If you sell the house the division of the proceeds needs to reflect who spent what getting it to the state that it could be sold.

The only thing I wouldn't advise is that you hang around for the divorce financials to be sorted out - if water is getting in then the condition of the house can deteriorate rapidly, and cost more to fix. You do need to check that the quotes he has collected for the work are a fair reflection of the costs - to ensure he isn't inflating the cost to screw you financially and then getting a kickback from the builder... Get your own quotes to cross check smile

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