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Two years on I have booked a holiday

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Shenton Mon 13-Oct-14 12:19:07

With my new fella for a week in Thailand .... Just wanted to say to those still in the trenches, I am so happy I could piss my pants and yes there are low points but when I think of the tears and years I wasted.

UptheAnty Sat 25-Oct-14 08:46:56

You give me hope!
I can't remember the last time I actually got to enjoy a special occasion that wasn't ruined be my stbxh.

I hope you have a great time.

ScrambledEggAndToast Mon 03-Nov-14 21:20:45

Woo hoo, how exciting. Have a great time grin

FrancesNiadova Tue 04-Nov-14 17:48:09

Have a great holiday! thanks

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