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Legal aid problem with my solicitor

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Nebi Sat 14-Jun-14 00:09:55

Please help! I started the divorce proceeding 4 years a go (adultery).
At that time I was qualified for legal aid. However my solicitor has been dragging it back, always she was sick or the court send it back and so on. Now my children are 4 and 6 years old, started full time and I started work part time. Now my old solicitor she moved me to her Colleague because she is permanently sick. So I was happy in away. As she was not doing the job properly. Also I could not complain, because I did not pay her. Now the new solicitor asked me "as you are working and you are earning fairly and adding the child tax credit, child maintenance and credit tax; you can afford it ". Unless you pay me I am not going to work for you.

All this four years they did not do the job properly but they were getting legal aid. Now currently I am in mediation process. My new solicitor is expensive £150 per hour. I am currently employed but not permanent my job will finish end of July. After July if I don't find a job, I cannot pay solicitor fees. Once you are out from the legal aid system, can you go back?
Ex husband got expensive solicitor. What can I do?

Always the old solicitor asked me "to sign a last page of the divorce proceeding, it is going to court" and I did not like to sign an incomplete document but She said "she will send a copy to me tomorrow with the complete document" but she never did.
I am worried if I show them that I am not trusting them they might not work for my case well. I am so deep in trouble.
Should I higher her or should I move to a new solicitor firm or do any one know how can I stay in legal aid?
Any advice will help.

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