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DIY Divorce - any experience /advice please?

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Bigbird01 Wed 04-Jun-14 21:04:00

I split up with my H last year. He was verbally and emotionally abusive, but when I left him it has completely shaken him up. We actually get on pretty well now, considering, and have managed to sort our financial separation out without involving solicitors. We have two young children and have got to a point where their general care is relatively sorted too (my only problem with this is that he wants more flexibility about when he sees them than I am comfortable with - ie at a time that fits around other stuff he wants to do).
He is now seeing someone else (nothing to do with why I left him) and has asked that we get divorced. I want this and had only been holding off as I hadn't wanted to give a reason for any of the old bad feeling to be stirred up again. As I have no driver to be divorced, I was ok with the idea of waiting for the 2 year separation, rather than file against him on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.
I've explained this to him and he has said (very uncharacteristically reasonably), that I should file for unreasonable behaviour and he would even help with the words as he knew he had been a rubbish husband to me.

So, given that everything is so amicable and that we have already settled finances, I thought I'd save on solicitors fees and do the forms myself. Has anyone had any experience of this? Anything I need to be aware of or check out first?

Thanks BB

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