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Ex not responding to letters re final settlement

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Cupcake2014 Wed 04-Jun-14 20:34:55

My ex is not responding to my solicitor's letter regarding final settlement for the house. After months of negotiating, all at massive expense to me, I agreed to his request for his share of the house when the house is eventually sold, however he has not responded to the letters from the solicitor. Unfortunately this may now have to go to court, but again at great expense to me. Surely this will go against him in court, as basically I have given him what he's asked for, but is it right that I should have to pay the court fees when this has been forced on me? Shouldn't he be forced to pay these fees - I know he cannot afford to do so, but can he be made to pay for these out of his share of the house?

goodegg1 Thu 05-Jun-14 18:09:05

Your legal team should be advising you on this. I had situ where husband was playing games and hiding assets and trying to inflate my legal fees by not responding and so we had to send more letters. This should be made clear by your barrister at court and your brief shd tell you what's what about this.
I had all my fees waived as my team prejudiced my case by presenting wrong information!

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