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General advice re access to child living elsewhere in EU

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HoneywithLemon Wed 14-May-14 22:22:46

Sorry to be vague but I wouldn't want soon to be ex-SIL to spot this thread.

SIL recently left BIL and moved back to her home country of Ireland. They have a one year old DC (8 months old when she left). As yet no access agreement in place, nor maintenance, and indeed no divorce proceedings yet initiated. BIL is very much hoping that they can work out access informallly. It is his belief, in any case, that his rights are minimal as the child was born in Ireland.

I am not sure if he is correct on the latter point. SIL took off to Ireland at the end of the pregnancy (he accompanied her and they both came back to the UK a month later). She was already at that point talking about leaving him, and I believe (unconfirmed by BIL) that she thought it would give her an advantage if the child were born in Ireland.

I believe that BIL is optimistic in the extreme if he thinks the current arrangements, which rely on the goodwill of a person who has repeatedly shown herself to be selfish and vindictive, will hold long term. He has seen his son twice since Christmas. I wondered if anyone had any information based on friends/family who have found themselves in a similar position.

HoneywithLemon Thu 15-May-14 09:52:09


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