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Is this unreasonable behaviour at this point?

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FTS123 Fri 09-May-14 13:48:31

My DH and I are separated, waiting for the 2 years to be up to divorce. Can I use unreasonable behaviour for the behaviour he's currently displaying or would it have to be unreasonable from before we separated?

Nappaholic Wed 14-May-14 23:42:06

You'd have to come up with something prior to separation in order to show that the behaviour caused the breakdown...but it doesn't have to be monsterous, just "unhusbandly". You can say that the behaviour is continuing - I'm sure the traits were already there!

Dewalt123 Fri 16-May-14 16:12:50

My lawyer said to me it has to be unreasonable in the eyes of you not us ...its the classic if I leave my socks and pants on the floor ( I don't) could my ex wife say I was being unreasonable ... the answer is she has to have endured distress and my behaviour be unreasonable... To be honest mine was unreasonable based on me working overtime because of the job

GingerLiberalFeminist Thu 29-May-14 21:40:14

Filing for divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour myself, I found this quite useful as it gives accepted examples;
But I believe you have to act on unreasonable behaviour within a set time period or they'll just say wait for 2 years (or certainly I told my departed other that, to make him agree...)

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