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Telling people

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DaisiesDandelions Fri 21-Mar-14 14:56:32

I have worked out how to tell the children although I don't imagine it going well.

I have told some friends via text message.

But I am finding it totally impossible to tell family!

How have other people gone about announcing this sort of thing and how much detail did you give into the reasons?

Minime85 Fri 21-Mar-14 17:44:06

hi there. hope you are OK. I only told immediate family and my two closest friends and 2 work colleagues before we told the kids.

after they knew like you I text/emailed other people as I was certainly not up to speaking about it out loud! my parents told my aunts and uncles and in turn they told my cousins of which there are a lot.

we were very firm it was not to be announced on Facebook or even mentioned on there.

we told the school of our DDS the same time we told them so they were informed but were very specific that only teachers who taught them should know as they are primary age and lots of staff local mums.

then I guess after a few weeks when I bumped into people I just blurted it out quickly so it was done before they could ask me about ex.

then honestly after about two months I just found it easier to say and now, 5 months later it really doesn't bother me as I've done nothing wrong.

so I guess, in short, I think its a time thing. I'd just speak to/text/email yourself those people u wouldn't want them to find out second hand and sod anyone else! smile

DaisiesDandelions Fri 21-Mar-14 18:21:04

I've told nobody in person, just two friends by text and two colleagues by email.

I find the idea of telling my parents impossible and there's no way I can say it in person. i am not sure my mum will appreciate being told by email or text but that's the best I can do and even that im dreading more than any part of this. They don't approve of people splitting up if they have children.

Minime85 Fri 21-Mar-14 18:36:17

my parents suspected it was coming so I phoned them when it actually happened as it was very late too.

I hope your parents can try and support you. surely they will see it is better for both parents yo be happy apart than together as happier parents mean happier children.

my parents too would rather we stayed together for the children but understood that it wasn't going to work and we needed to separate. I was worried they would be disappointed in me and embarrassed but they were very supportive. I hope yours will turn out to be too x

DaisiesDandelions Fri 21-Mar-14 18:55:19

Mine definitely wont expect it, they think we are the perfect little family.

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