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Father refusing contact

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MrsGrumps Fri 21-Mar-14 13:28:44

My Ex left 8 years back and over that time contact has slowly dwindled from 3 out of four weekends to now not having seen his kids for a year.

He has another family which has produced children with his new partner. I'm not in the slightest bit fussed and do not want him back. BUT. Our children want to see their half siblings but are being denied the chance by him/his partner we know not who.

Because our children are still children in the eyes of the Law there is nothing that can be done to force access as I'm not related to the half siblings. Only my eldest can instigate Court proceedings when she is an adult some 5 years from now. The half siblings will have and will probably be given a reason for not seeing them and I'm pretty sure what ever they will be told is lies and along the lines of they do not want to see you/us.

The Law is a ass in situations like this. If I was to withhold contact to the children's father I'd be dragged through the courts quite rightly so, but switch it the other way around and there is nothing I can do.

Deeply frustrated at having to watch my poor children missing their brother and sister sad

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