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Naming and shaming by Fathers 4 Justice

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Kezzareece Wed 19-Mar-14 17:33:43

I was looking for something unrelated but stumbled across this website.
I'm absolutely stunned that the fathers for justice would stoop this low.

I'm sure if you're on this you'll want to take it up with you legal advisor.

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LividofLondon Wed 19-Mar-14 17:54:46

It's terrible to be able to name and shame like this when the other half of the partnership can't give their side of the story. I feel very sorry for anyone who is the victim of a malicious ex who refuses to allow contact solely because they hate their XP, but regardless, this is not the way to handle things.

JaneinReading Wed 19-Mar-14 18:15:46

I have reported it to the Information Commissioner's office as potentially a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 although they may well need a woman named on there or child to report it. I doubt they have obtained consent from the child and other parent to disclose their personal data in that way. If there is a breach then a criminal offence is committed and fines of up to £500,000 can be imposed. Victims can also sue for damages. I cannot think of an exclusion it would come within.

If it were lawful I am not against fair disclosures such as all the fathers who choose to have no contact with their children.

Kezzareece Tue 25-Mar-14 17:58:42

Great, thank you JaneinReading.
Hopefully they'll take it down AND fine them!

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JaneinReading Tue 25-Mar-14 21:00:50

They probably will ignore it because my details are not those I complained about. If I were the individual whose data has been processed without their consent then they would have to look at the complaint but you never know they might realise it is a serious breach and look into it having heard about it from me.

I am certainly very much again parents who do not give contact - I would like 50/50 forced on men whether they like it or not except where the parents or court say otherwise but you cannot put all that personal stuff up on line unless it is in the public domain or with those people's consent and I doubt consent has been obtained. I suppose it may have been with consent but I doubt it and it is possible it is only information already in public court judgments but I doubt it.

JaneinReading Thu 27-Mar-14 08:58:05

I have had a response today by email:
"Thank you for your email of 20 March 2014.

In your email you explain that the website, affiliated with Fathers4Justice is breaching the Data Protection Act. As I understand it the site allows for the names of individuals to be uploaded and labelled as ‘contact deniers’.

As you are aware the Information Commissioner regulates the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The DPA is based upon eight Principles of good information handling. The DPA also creates statutory rights for individuals in relation to their personal information and imposes certain obligations on organisations responsible for processing that information.

I have passed on the information you have provided to us to our Enforcement Team and Intelligence Hub. I have been informed that the issues that you have raised have now been logged with our Intelligence Team for their information purposes.

Thank you for reporting this information to us, if you wish to discuss this matter further please call me on the number below or call our helpline on 0303 123 1113.

Yours sincerely"

farmersmarket Tue 01-Apr-14 08:06:44

not surprising for FfJ.
I would have thought there is a good case for libel if you are named on this.
my ex - who saw my son 6 times in 11 years because he could not be arsed - has got involved with them and now has become a victim of parental alienation… poor pet!
maybe we should have a similar website for the other side of these stories… I have got one and I bet the women "named and shamed" have too

Mrsmorrison13 Sat 05-Apr-14 00:41:01

Rightly so - women who do not allow contact (been on the receiving end of this with my husband ) and women who skip the country without the fathers knowledge are disgusting they deserve to be named and shamed !

CaptChaos Sun 06-Apr-14 20:42:36

I think the point here though Mrsmorrison is that the details have been put on a public website without any reference to the truth. F4J are not known for their strong grip on reality.

Do you also believe that 'fathers' who fail to pay court allotted child support or fail to bother with their children should be similarly 'named and shamed'? Or is it just women who deserve society's ire?

Mrsmorrison13 Mon 07-Apr-14 22:02:36

I agree there are fathers who don't bother with their kids and that is sad but I more so disagree with the women who stop the contact through spite - the father AND the kids suffer then

K0STA Tue 09-Jan-18 23:34:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

K0STA Tue 09-Jan-18 23:36:15

I'm sorry but you have no idea what your talking about, & need a reality check

Julie8008 Wed 10-Jan-18 02:03:21

Denying fathers the right to see their children is wrong, cruel and inhumane. These mothers are giving us all a bad name.

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