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How can I stop caring??

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ilovemulberry Sun 16-Mar-14 11:58:28

To cut a long story short. Been with H for 15 years (school sweethearts) married 20 months ago. Had baby 6 months ago. 2 months ago he told me he didn't think he was in love with me anymore. I'm obviously heartbroken, he has life so easy. I'm a very laid back wife, guys nights out, holidays etc so had no idea why this would happen. A month ago I found out he was seeing a girl from his work ( not slept together???? Blah blah blah) any way I decided for the sake of our baby to try and work on things, we agreed he would move out and come by certain nights to see baby, and me (if I wanted) he seems to have had the life of Riley, living with a friend, coming to the house whenever he wants(most days) but then going out whenever he wants, still planning guys holidays! We spoke two days ago and he said he can come back but will only be out of guilt, doesn't think we have that spark anymore (obviously an affair has all that) I told him he didn't have a choice anymore I can't carry on hoping that one day you'll decide you want to be here. I'm done. He doesn't take me seriously because I care too much. He went out that night we talked and got drunk!! And I totally blew my top! I need to stop it, I need to stop caring. What can I do???

Minime85 Sun 16-Mar-14 12:07:18

just commune with him about your DC and not about how he or u are feeling or have been doing. I've found this helped me get passed how angry I was at him for giving up on our marriage so easily.

I did just manage to chat with him just know when I picked dcs up. but I dont always feel I want to so I dont.

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