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is it doable to file for unreasonable behaviour without a solicitor?

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Minime85 Tue 18-Feb-14 08:50:59

hi. looking to file for divorce. ex left and is in agreement. going down unreasonable behaviour route but there is nothing huge, no dv or anything like that. just wondering if anyone has experience of doing this without going to a solicitor? really worried about getting into a lot of debt to use a solicitor but equally thinking she will be able to word it better than me, so to make sure it goes through ok thinking its the best choice? no complications re finance or dcs. Any advice or experience much appreciated, thank you

VelmaD Tue 18-Feb-14 20:37:01

You can do it yourself - if the judge doesn't agree with your reasoning etc, he will return the paperwork and ask for you to amend it.

The other thing to use is a "managed divorce" online - about £150 plus court fees, so still considerably cheaper than a solicitor, and they will help with the paperwork.

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