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Divorce and debt left by husband but in my name

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Sarahhun7 Sun 02-Feb-14 10:55:28

I am almost at the 2 year separation point and wish to start divorce proceedings . My ex husband who had a drug addiction problem left me with credit card , council tax and utility bills in my name to clear . I have no maintenance money from him and although currently I have no major pressures from debt companies I feel as if I shouldn't be forced to go bankrupt because of him . Can this be taken into account in the divorce settlement ?
He has walked away scot free and left me to clear the mess up .

Joy5 Sun 02-Feb-14 16:11:17

I'm in the middle of sorting out the finances, was in the family courts a few weeks ago for a pre liminary hearing, got a 2nd court appearance in a few weeks.

Am now self repping as just can't afford a solicitor, but when i did see one, she made it clear debt from the marriage is joint. In the forms you complete to divorce, theres one for finances, and both parties have to give a full and frank financial declaration as part of the Form E. The outcome will take into account how the debts and any assets from the marriage will be shared.

I'm such a low earner, that my ex has always paid the monthly payments for the debts, although as part of the divorce process he has asked me to take over payment for my share (more then half are in my name alone), but as i don't earn enough to do so, the most likely outcome from the court outcome will be that my ex is ordered to pay mainenance direct to me to cover the monthly payments for the debt.

Could you make a free 30 mins appointment with a solicitor to find out where you stand with the council tax and utility bills? Or make an appointment with the CAB.

Sarahhun7 Sat 15-Feb-14 12:49:05

I have now seen my solicitor and been advised that the best approach is to safe guard any inheritance that I may come into and to have an order so I that I am entitled to any he may get . Due to his negligence and irresponsibility .
The thing is now covering the cost of the divorce now that legal aid has stopped . Any suggestions as to any way I may be able to get financial support of any kind ?
Answers gratefully received . I have been quoted £3000

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