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Selling and divorcing at same time

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1983mummy Fri 31-Jan-14 15:36:05

I haven't even filed for divorce yet but about to put house on market - am I going to have a breakdown doing such massive things all at the same time?!

PatTheDog Wed 12-Feb-14 20:59:47

I went from married to divorced and living in a new house in less than 8 months last year and I would say don't do it!

Looking back I can see I wasn't in a fit state emotionally, wasn't ready to do these major things - but at the time I thought I was fine. I wasn't - I was shocked, numb and angry (my husband left me).

Take the time to let the emotion subside, then be sure you want to sell the house, then take your time, as long as you like, to make sure you move to the right house.

See what your solicitor says. Have you agreed on the financial "split"? You might be on top of things emotionally, but IMHO I would go slowly and run your ideas past your solicitor and your most sensible and trusted friends/family first.

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