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Does it get any better?

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LucyLocket82 Thu 02-Jan-14 21:25:23

Even though it was recently, my Husband choose to sleep with another woman on Christmas EVe and told me Xmas Day ( so the best Xmas Ever) but things havent been good for a while and since the birth of our first child 8-8-13 intimacy has gone out the window.
Plus when he was out of work 2 years ago for 7 months he maxed out my credit card which i kept upstairs in case of emergencies which still has over £3000 owing which he does pay but the debts in my name (he refuses to get a loan in his name as he had a Debt Relief Order and no credit rating.
Am absolutly heartbroken and just a mess i want to strength to get rid but hes begging for another chance which hurts the most. All i want is him to hurt as much as me have i any right to say to him "your not having access till arranged through the solicitor access so theres a specific time and date" coz am scarred he will let my daughter down coz can solicitor stop access if he doesnt turn up at the arranged times given?
Plus have i got any chance of taking legal action becoz of the credit card so he pays it off or havent got a leg to stand on coz its in my name? thank you

julie20 Thu 02-Jan-14 23:55:05

Hi im julie i dont know about most of the things you are asking because i have never been married but i am in court about child visitaion and by law you cant stop a father seeing a child unless he has ever phiscically hurt them hope this helps with that part

millymolls Fri 03-Jan-14 11:41:50

No, you dont have a right to use your child as a pawn and weapon in this way. It is understandable that you feel like this but your child is innocent in all this and does not deserve to be caught in the middle of an adult argument. Please dont go down this route however hard it seems.
Seek legal advice (try to get a free 30 min consultation if poss). That way you can get a brief idea of finances and where you stand with regard the CC debt.
I dont think a solicitor (it would be a court anyway not a solicitor) will stop access if he didn't turn up.
Your baby is only young if i'm reading your OP right, so would suggest contact is little and often at this stage.
Things are very raw for you now and i think you need some time to think what you want.

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