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Can I keep my home?

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Morty68 Fri 27-Dec-13 13:14:48

I have been getting divorced for nearly 6 years. I have decree nisi. H left on my request because of numerous occasions of his drunken threatening abuse. We have not gone for absolute because of the house. I live in our house we have 3 boys who live with me aged 21, 20 and 16. He payed some maintence for first 6onths of divorce but nothing since. He has not paid towards the mortgage or bills at all since we spilt.He has not been a good Dad to the boys, not giving birthday gifts or xmas gifts and not being very nice when they do on occasion meet up. He has now found himself in dept and wants house settled. Recently he was very drunk and forced his way into the house at 2am and was abusive. Police were called and my then 19 year old Son had to man handle his Dad out pf the hpuse. My 16 year old was traumatised by the incident and now needs councilling. His Dad has brought all the nastiness back after all this time. He has now contacted me saying he wants everything settled, ie house sold. I want things settled too. There is little equity in the home and Im reluctant to sell my filies home just to apease my H. What would happen if this went to court...I dont know what to do. Solicitors are so expensive and I know H will make it difficult, he is very bitter.

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