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Should child support be until child finishes school or uni?

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cockatoo Mon 23-Dec-13 19:15:53

Are fathers under legal obligation to pay child support during uni years or just until a child finishes full time school? My kids are 5 and 7 so uni days are a long way off but ex wants our arrangement to end when finish school and says he will have a conversation with them regarding finances when they are adults and at uni. I am worried this is his way of getting out of paying. Any advice?

lljkk Mon 23-Dec-13 19:49:29

I hear so many stories of dads who stop paying at 16 (sorry).

noisytoys Mon 23-Dec-13 19:55:19

I would say til the end of further but not higher education. I won't expect XH to pay me while DCs are in uni, especially if they are away from home.

SantasPelvicFloor Mon 23-Dec-13 20:00:24

I would say end of sixth form personally. You do support uni DC (I am) but I think the arrangement should transfer to between child and dad at that point

Middleagedmotheroftwo Mon 23-Dec-13 20:03:16

Agree with SantasPelvicFloor. You don't need maintenance when child is at uni, but child will need financial support from both parents.

cockatoo Mon 23-Dec-13 20:25:25

Thankyou everyone. Am surprised though as quite likely I would still be providing a house for kids to come home to between term times. ....

SantasPelvicFloor Mon 23-Dec-13 20:51:57

I agree cockatoo but many DC stay with their fathers for visits and they don't get money towards housing them

I have born the financial costs for raising my DC. It's not right. It's not fair. Society seems unable to change this

Beccawoo Mon 23-Dec-13 20:54:34

I've a consent order to provide support till the end of "full time education" which I think is considered to be 18. If they need support for university, as Santa says, they can discuss it with their dad then.

cathpip Mon 23-Dec-13 21:05:12

Have just had this with my dh and his son. My dh pays a set amount (private agreement) to his ex for his son. This will end when his son finishes year 13 and according to the csa it's the August of that year as he will still be on the school role till then. My dh has come to an agreement to then help fund his son threw uni, this money will go direct to his son bypassing his ex, this has been discussed and agreed. Legally he is under no obligation to support his son with money after he has finished school, but dh felt this unfair so is going to continue.

CatDogAndMouse Tue 24-Dec-13 07:40:00

CSA and child benefit are payable up to the age of 20 IF the 'child' is still in full time education but not to above A Level standard. For example, if they were to carry on at college after the sixth form to study a full time BTec then both CSA and child benefit would still be payable. It is no longer payable once the child moves on to university. I have recently experienced this so am 100% certain.

Collaborate Tue 24-Dec-13 07:48:31

When 18 a child can apply through the courts for maintenance from an absent parent. It usually covers to end of first degree.

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