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dibsforme Mon 16-Dec-13 12:42:18

Its been a long time coming but its over. He has left and is on his way back to Greece. The son has gone with him sad but I have put no pressure. He is 17 so he needs to do what he thinks is right. I have closed my facebook down as I really don't want to talk with anyone at the moment.
I have spent yesterday and today tidying and making the house mine again and putting up the tree.
My youngest who is with me is upset and missing them and I am finding it hard to deal with that as I just want to feel relieved that its over but feel guilt that I am hurting her. All 3 of the kids are hurting and while I know that I am doing the right thing the guilt for breaking up the family is horrid.
Other than that there is nothing, I thought I might have been more excited for the next step or relieved that I took control. But there us just nothing.

Plumbingtrouble Tue 17-Dec-13 22:12:50

Hi, saw your post and had to answer. I hope you are ok.

Me and dh separated recently, and I would say that the feelings we have both had are similar to that of when someone close dies. A mix of anger, sadness, acceptance, and that these emotions can hit at any time, in any order and people react differently.

Be kind to yourself and good luck for the future.

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