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Now what?

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Quoteunquote Sun 01-Dec-13 19:12:57

Well that is his choice, just make sure he understands that the outcome from now on are down to his choices.

and prepare well.

best of luck, and be kind to yourself.

lemmingcurd Sun 01-Dec-13 19:07:59

Thanks Quote. I've basically said all of the above. He's going to hate me hmm

Quoteunquote Sun 01-Dec-13 12:27:04

Explain to him, you would love to co parent as amicably as possible but you will only be able to do that here, be firm that you will not be moving back, you have tried it, it didn't work for you,

Explain that for the children's education, and for your own wellbeing, you will be staying, and you would like to work with him, to make it a good outcome for everyone involved.

And see a good solicitor and prepare to defend yourself.

lemmingcurd Sat 30-Nov-13 21:27:13

Bear with me could be an epic...
So 2 days ago I told H it was over and that I wanted to separate. This is I think the fourth time I've told him in the past 6 yrs. Have basically stayed with him for the DCs and because we were living in his country, which was half the problem.
We are now back in the UK after he said he wd givevit one more try, basically because he will do anything to avoid separation despite knowing that I no longer want to be with him.
That's the background. I have an appt with family sol on Thurs. It could potentially be horribly messy because H wants to go back to his home country and wants me to return there with the DCs ao we can parent in the same place. I want to stay here a) because the schools in H'a country are awful, the DCs have settled well here particularly the eldest and youngest, and b) because it's important for my job to be here altho not essential as my job is internet-based.
If I push for staying here with the DCs he will be extremely upset and may well start custody battle which is something I want to avoid. I have basically no idea what to do for the best, any thoughts or insight would be much appreciated thanks if you got this far...

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