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Divorce stages

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RollerCola Tue 26-Nov-13 18:53:27

I'm getting a bit confused about the stages of divorce. Could someone please explain it to me?

I started divorce proceedings against my husband in Sept. We have 2 children & a mortgaged property. We have agreed that I will remortgage, transfer the property to my sole name and pay him a share of the equity. All agreed, no need to go to court.

So far my solicitor has started the ball rolling and I have completed a form regarding who will look after the children etc (is this called a Statement of Arrangements?) My solicitor has sent something to my husband which asked if he agreed with the divorce - he did & emailed it straight back. Forms have gone off to the court.

Now I can't remember what he said happens next. I know we need to complete something else which formally splits the house etc but at what point do we do that? That's separate from the divorce itself isn't it? So what order does everything come in?

My solicitor said it is a straightforward divorce and we should expect to have most of it sorted by Xmas but I'm impatient!

Can anyone tell me in simple terms what should now happen?

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