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Pollyd76 Tue 15-Oct-13 07:45:07

I told my husband last night that I want a separation. I have been unhappy for a long time but recently things have been worse. My My husband is a firm beliver in staying together for the children ( age 4 and 6). He has told me if I go I go without the children and will not ger to see them. I am completely torn I can't bear to be without my children but no longer want to remain in my marriage. Any advice?

TensionSquealsGhoulsHeels Tue 15-Oct-13 07:50:59

What is the position re who works/cares for the DC needs etc. Do you have a mortgage or rent? Are you near family? Your H doesn't get to dictate to you what happens or how, especially with threats over the DC. You should get some legal advice to see where you stand practically and how to progress to where you want to go.

Pollyd76 Tue 15-Oct-13 08:22:02

Thanks I work as a nurse 2 days a week I provide most of the care for the children. We have a joint mortgage. We live near his family mine live about 30 miles away and dont approve of split. I wanted to keep it civil for the sake of DC but he is gojng to make that impossible.

TensionSquealsGhoulsHeels Tue 15-Oct-13 09:01:15

You need to get legal advice. The mortgage and how contact/residency is sorted as well as assets etc. needs to be dealt with and if he is threatening you with your DC then you'll need to know for certain what you can/cannot do. Best to have someone who knows their stuff rather than worry about what your H thinks he can do. Maybe post in legal 1st to see if someone can give you some pointers initially. Good luck smile

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