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ex issues

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kerryj8de19 Mon 14-Oct-13 13:53:56

My ex partner left me when i was pregnant i was 8 months when he left he because of my hormones he told me he stopped taking drugs swore on our sons life we got back 2getha when i got the house money started to go missing out the house and out of my sons account well anyways i came home to find all my stuff had been stolen turns out it was him still paying for the laptop year down the line nearly 2 in may the police wont do anything about the good that was stolen ive stopped my son seeing his dad because my ex is still taking drugs and gets very violent towards me im worried he will be like it to my son ive gotta go court soon people he was violent towards me when i was pregnant with my daughter and my ex knows where i live and threatens me all the time but the police wont do anything just keep warning him really need help im with sum1 else now who is my daughters dad but we dont live 2getha yet has i stop at my mums at night the house is private rent but the landlord wont do anything theirs no heating have to use eletric heaters and no hot water things dont seam to get better

quoteunquote Mon 14-Oct-13 22:22:33

ring them, get support and advice.

good luck

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