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Do I get any?

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EllieInTheRoom Fri 11-Oct-13 22:13:47

I've made an appointment to see a solicitor but its not until next week and Im not even sure how many answers I will get in my free half an hour.

But everything is swimming round in my head and I am doing all sorts of calculations, so I just wondered if anybody knows the answer to this through their own experiences...

We sold Hs house a year ago and paid off joint debts with the proceeds and put the rest in a savings account. This has fluctuated over recent months but if it was at, say £20,000, at the point of divorce, is it all his or do I get any?

We currently rent, so no other house to squabble about.

I would rent a house for me and DD and wouldn't expect any maintenance for me as such, just a contribution towards DD nursery fees. The living expenses I can deal with. Im happy for him to have other assets he might feel are his, TV, couch, car.

I just want to know if he would get to walk off with all the cash too?

Collaborate Wed 16-Oct-13 06:56:08

Without knowing more, all I can do is paint with a very broad brush.
As a starting off point you'd expect the £20k to be divided equally. Your solicitor can advise best about where the finishing point is likely to be, but if it's only £20k you're arguing over it doesn't make sense to throw money at trying to get more than half.
Consider too whether you have a spouse maintenance claim, and don't forget pensions.

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