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i really need help & advice

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passionate4pink Fri 04-Oct-13 19:36:32

My husband has moved in with his new 'family' while i was away in July this year after being separated for 9months(although we were still sleeping together up until April this year). He now wants to start divorce proceedings( i wonder why so soon). Btw we have been married for 23 years. I need to talk to some people about what to do!!!!

DameDeepRedBetty Fri 04-Oct-13 19:41:09

So - some details please, so we can help.

Children? If so how old?

Has he left you in the family home? Is it owned or rented? Who's name(s) on documents?

Money - do you have a joint bank account at all?

And brew and flowers and since it's friday and gone six wine too.

quoteunquote Fri 04-Oct-13 19:41:42

Get a really really good solicitor, he has moved on, you are still coming to terms with the situation.

Which makes you vulnerable to being manipulated, find a good one and trust them to protect your interests, as you are still emotionally invested in the relationship.

passionate4pink Fri 04-Oct-13 20:17:21

Okay here goes, yes 2 kids both still live at home with me, they are 23 & 20, we have a mortgage but an interest only one, in both names. we have absolutely no savings in any joint accounts, but quite a few debts in credit cards etc, which i am managing to make arrangements with. The only real contact we have is for sharing our dog, although we still txt quite a lot(well, i do).....thankyou in advance for any help

passionate4pink Fri 04-Oct-13 20:39:35

I will admit to still being VERY emotionally invested in this relationship, being married to someone for 23 years isnt something i can just say, oh well, he doesnt want to be my husband anymore so i will just move on, find someone new & be happy ever after, thats his way of thinking, definitely NOT mine.

We have been down this path before but his past indiscrestions havent worked out although he has never actually moved in with her before now, so i have to think that this time it just MIGHT be serious, he tells me he is very serious about her.

Each time he has done this he very cleverly makes me feel as though it is my fault that he has to do what he does & stupidly i gladly accept him back into my life simply because as they say in the classics, i love my husband unconditionally & dont want to be without him.

itwillgetbettersoon Fri 04-Oct-13 23:09:34

I would ask for your post to be moved to relationships as there is a lot more traffic there so you will get more help and advice.

Good luck my STBXH left me last year after 20 years. It is hard but every day is one step nearer to being happier.

passionate4pink Sat 05-Oct-13 14:42:51

how do i move this topic to relationships?

itwillgetbettersoon Sat 05-Oct-13 23:12:38

You need to report it And ask for it to be moved. The report button is on the right above the post. X

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