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Is there somewhere where new divorcees can cat about their change in circumstances

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Wheretogofor1stworldproblemsup Wed 02-Oct-13 10:19:58

Unlike many of you on here, my impending divorce is just sad, not angry not violent. I can see that this is place where real problems need real support and so mine look very trite.

Is there anywhere I can find support for a massive drop in life style, tips and inspiration so of stuff. I'm trying a chirpy 'nouveau pauvre' line at the moment.

onetiredmummy Wed 02-Oct-13 13:46:33

Hi smile

Here is a good place to chat about it, unless you want your thread to disappear in which case put it into Chat as threads vanish in about 3 months or so from there.

I'm the same, my divorce 2 years ago didn't include violence, abuse or even much anger as I'd disengaged from him way before that point. But that doesn't mean that your feelings are less important or valid.

INeedSomeHelp Wed 02-Oct-13 13:55:08

I know exactly how you feel. I am about to start divorce proceedings having been separated from STBXH for a year.
There was no violence or anger or anything. Just sadness that, having not got married until I was in my 40s, it lasted less than two years.
I regret that I sold my beautiful Victorian flat with it's high ceilings and open fire. And moved to a modern 3-bed semi so there would be more room for my 3 teenage stepsons to visit. And now I am rattling around in a house that is too big for me that I can't really afford.
But hopefully that will all be resolved soon and I will be able to move to somewhere smaller.

ratflavouredjelly Thu 03-Oct-13 22:01:53

Think this is a good idea. I'm waiting to raise fees to petition - seems to be taking forever as STBX is unemployed and i'm working my butt off. I'd gladly join in once I'm on my way as a woman FREE from a waste of space husband.

Im 'trying' to think of it as exciting and a new start. wine

Wheretogofor1stworldproblemsup Thu 03-Oct-13 22:17:12

Hello ladies. Thanks for joining in! I feel really sad that, in my one shot at life, I had 3 children that won't grow up in a family and that will now play second fiddle to my exH relationship (new). They will always feel sorry for me as, no matter what positive stories are out there, the fact remains that there aren't that many single, unfucked up men out there.

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