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spousal maintenance

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ChickOnaMission Tue 01-Oct-13 14:05:12

I’m separating from my husband of 10 years and want to find out what my rights are with regards to spousal maintenance & child maintenance,

We have two children 2 & 8 – when we met I did not have a well paid job. I went back to work when my daughter was 2 and got a job in finance which I did for two years. I left this job in order to spend more time with the my daughter & have another baby. I worked part time. Had I stayed in the finance job I would have undoubtedly been on a good salary by now – at least £40,000 and probably more. When I quit my job my husband set up his own company which has done ok- the last year has been tough – his take home income last year was £60k. It will most likely be considerably more this year. I’ve just gone back to work in finance, once I realised the marriage was over, but had to start right at the bottom again - my salary is £22k.

We’ve got no house, no assets at all. And he does owe about £12k to HMRC. He’s terrible with money, he earns lots but wastes it , runs up utility bills and doesn’t pay anything on time. I’m worried he’ll try to hide his money overseas, his business is international. The kids are in private school which he said he will pay - I couldn't afford it, will that be taken into account?

I want to get an idea of what is considered fair for him to give us. I feel that he should contribute something for me as I gave up my career prospects to look after the kids, and support him while he set up his own business.

Can anyone advise me how to approach this with him, how much of his income he should give us and prove that it is what the courts would award me.

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