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Separating - Irish friend with 3 children living in Canada - rights?

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DLCC Tue 10-Sep-13 16:58:13

An Irish friend of mine is married to a Canadian, they live in Toronto and have three children, one was born in the UK and two in the UAE as that’s where they were living at the time. The children have dual Irish/Canadian nationality. They have been living in Toronto for the last year, the relationship has disintegrated and they are separating, she says he has been abusive on every level and she feels defeated. She hates living in Canada and all her family are in Dublin. Her husband has said that he will get her done for, ‘international child abduction’, should she try and take the children back to Ireland. She is not currently working as she is waiting for her visa to come through. She is trying to get legal aid and is getting help from a counsellor at an abused women’s organisation.

I just need some advice for her on her options. Can anyone help?

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