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practicalities of seperating

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bustedmonkey Sun 08-Sep-13 14:09:13

Hi, I've decided to leave my H and need a lot of practical help from you ladies as I have no r/l friends. My bro (lives right across on the other side of the globe) is the only one who knows so far. Despite being in my mid-30s I have always been dependant on H to handle all money and practical matters of home, so feel very scared venturing out on my own, as I feel very ignorant.

1) I've just now opened my own bank account with FD
2) Looking for a house in n/w London to rent initially. What do I need to cover when speaking to letting agent?
3) I am seeing 'tenure: long term contract' how long is long terms. I would prefer to take one out for 6 months initially. esp seeing the rents now, I would prefer to buy when we settle things.
4) How do utilities work with rentals, do they come with utilities or will I need to set them up myself?
5) When moving out, what can I take with me from general house things, is there anything I shouldn't touch. (I expect to rent a furnished apt).

6) Any good solicitors in north west London? If I can get H to be amicable and agree fair settlement, would you still recommend I use a sol? we have a few investment properties if that makes a difference.

Bumpstarter Sun 08-Sep-13 22:43:40

If you have assets you definately need professional legal help, I would say.

I think most letting agents will do 6 month initial contract followed by a longer one if you pay your rent on time. You will need to pay rent, council tax, water, electricity gas telephone and television licence. Unless you rent a room in a house of multiple occupation, where the deal depends on the landlord, but at least the council tax should be included in the rent.

I don't know what the picture is with what stuff to take out of the marital home. You do not mention children.

I would tell the letting agent you are separating. They tend not to ask too many personal questions but will want to check references and might want to see your identity documents, bank statements and proof that you have money coming in.

Good luck

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