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Husband cheated, hides money in Poland, how to get it?

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zosiu Wed 28-Aug-13 21:19:46

Long story short husband a wanker, been cheating for months/years who knows. I am here on a visa and am currently trying to figure out if I stay in the uk or I have to leave after divorce.

My main question is he is self employed and for the last 7 years I have helped him not only build his business from a clerical point of view but the physical labour as well. For a long time all the money we made together went into his account as I couldnt get one due to my visa restrictions, the rent bills everything came from his account despite the fact we earnt it together and as we dealt mainly in cash he would often take money back to Poland to deposit in his own and probably familys accounts.

We were seperated for 9 months and he paid child support during this time and all bills/rent etc came from my own money and account as now have no visa issues, we came back together for 6 months and have just learnt of even more infidelities and I know he will now claim he has nothing.

We rent and have no major assets together except the cash that was earnt over all these years which I know is more than he admits as I did the books.

I didnt think I would ever be this person but after everything him and I want half of everything.

How can I prove he has hid money, and If i hire an attorney are they able to trace sums or money in other countries and family accounts.

Surely a little digging would easily prove this. wages are very low there and surely 1, 2 or 5 grand from nowhere would be suspicious?

Anyone have a similar story and can offer much needed advice?


cherryblossoming Mon 02-Sep-13 13:15:04

Cash is difficult to trace. My friend's partner gives most earnings to his mum. However, she knows how much he earns because of the payslips. You never know what your husband was doing with the money. If he cheated he could have deposited into his mistress' bank account. Be careful though with your husband. You never know what he could be capable of.
You could email to the Citizens Advice Bureau as they would be more knowledgeable regarding foreign accounts. Their services are free.
Good luck.

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