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Missing my ds

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Otheregos Wed 28-Aug-13 18:03:43

I'm really just writing this to have a moan ,separated from dh in June,doing 50/50 access with ds, but I'm finding it so difficult to cope/deal with when I don't see him that part of me wishes I was still with my dh so that I could see ds every day. For people that have gone through this how did you cope with the loneliness of not seeing your children? It's getting unbearable and I cry most days!

everycloudhasasilverlining Wed 28-Aug-13 18:25:58

Sending hugs. I separated from my h and atm he sees them when he can which isn't too often and they don't stay over yet(not looking forward to that day) I miss them when they are gone but they are so pleased to see me when I do collect them-more pleased than when they see himsmile

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