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Selling the family home

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Whattodowithit Wed 21-Aug-13 19:28:54

I need to work out a lot of things about what I'm going to do, and how to cope, financially once my divorce goes through, and would like to hear ideas of what other people have done when the family home needs to be sold after divorce, and the equity distributed between partners when the children are older and have begun to leave the nest. I have 1 abroad who may or may not return at some point, 1 about to do her 3rd year at uni and away from home term time, and 1 about to start the final year of A levels, and then probably on to uni. The shared equity will not buy either of us a house the same size as the family house, and neither of us are in a position to get another mortgage. How have other people's children managed, when their family home needs to go and other homes bought which will be nowhere near the same size for all their stuff as/when/or if they return home? Thanks in advance for any advice: this is all so complicated sad x

0ntheUp Fri 23-Aug-13 21:30:15

This is off at a bit of a tangent and only addressing part of what you are asking, but have you thought about Safestore and the like for some of their stuff?

We have have just massively downsized in a similar situation and got a 50 sq foot Safestore room, open access between 8am and 6pm and to 8pm one night a week, for £130/month. In our area you could get cheaper storage e.g. on a farm if you didn't need regular evening access to it, but because I'd be going after work I don't want to feel unsafe going there. 50 sq foot has meant we could pile boxes 3 high round the edge, so still access them as needed, and if I had put in cheap IKEA shelving round the edges could store double the amount and still access it. 50 sq foot can hold most of the stuff of our family of four including many many books, but I've also put in the stuff we only use infrequently e.g. bike carrier for car, diy stuff, because I know I can easily get it out when I need to.

nomdesw2 Sun 25-Aug-13 00:19:05

Ontheup - really don't think OP is looking to be subjected to viral marketing, do you?

OP my children are a little younger so I can't fully relate but do understand the maternal feeling of wanting to have the capacity to house the whole brood if needs be. I think in your position, i would compromise on other considerations (location, character, garden etc) if i felt it was emotionally important (for myself and DC) to have sufficient bedrooms. Beyomd that, i'm sure your happiness is your children's overriding concern.

I hope someone with more direct experience wanders in soon!

Whattodowithit Tue 27-Aug-13 20:30:33

Thank you both for taking the time to respond. I think I am wondering how they will feel, being mostly away, and then having no familiar 'base' to come back to as and when they may need. I may be over analysing it, and they may not care a jot, but it's difficult not to have lots and lots of contradictory thoughts about this whole divorce process. Please don't say "ask them"! They just grunt so I don't know what they really mean... Thanks anyway: I really appreciate your input x

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