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FramboiseCoulis Sun 18-Aug-13 20:18:45

My husband and I will formally start the divorce procedure in the next couple of weeks.
We have sold our house and will do a 50/50 split of the profit. We have already cleared out the house evenly and have our own places to live.

My question is, apart from child support (we have one child, 7), my lawyer had recommended asking for a lump sum for alimony. She said the fact that I gave up my career to move to France (he's French), should be taken into account. I had to start all over again, it took years to find another decent job!

I was thinking of asking for 75k. Is this totally outrageous? The fact that I am struggling financially to provide a home of the same standard is a factor in this. This extra money would give us a much nicer home and a better standard of living - I feel like I'm back at the bottom of the ladder at the moment, in a shitty flat rental. Also, my husband is a lot younger, and has much better career prospects. He also has inheritence from his family, something which I do not, so he has that to fall back on.

So, would you go for it? Anyone know what i'd have to do to 'prove' I need this amount?

We are on good speaking terms, but i've not yet dropped this bombshell on him!


cjel Sun 18-Aug-13 20:33:13

I would follow your soicitors advice. I can't comment on the figure. I had a lot more than 50% in lieu of potential future earnings(his) pension and sheare of our other properties and business. From my experience what you are suggesting is very restrained and I would ask solicitor to breakdown the values of the above and go for it!!

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