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Help.. separated living a nightmare :(

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lauralausmith Fri 09-Aug-13 00:20:36

To cut a long story short. My hubby and I and our two sons 4 & 1 gave up our rented house to move in with my parents so we could pay our debts off/save, two months into this hubby has a fight at work :'( and loses his job gets in trouble with police. (He cant hold a job for longer than a year) so thats it, that is it!! He has moved out of my parents to his mums. What now. We are on the council housing register but will we be a priority and will we be able to stay in the same area, we have school/ family connections and will I get any help financially? I want a fresh start for me and the boys. Any help would be much appreciated smile thanks

quoteunquote Fri 09-Aug-13 17:33:33

That sounds tough,

Do you have any idea of how long you will have to wait on list?

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