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Can anyone recommend a good solicitor ...

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RunningWithSharpScissors Sun 28-Jul-13 14:44:12

... in the Bracknell or Reading area?
We are currently separated, but I think we are heading for divorce because the current situation, with OW involved, but my husband telling people that we may get back together, is making me ill and I think I need to make a clean break and try to get myself back on my feet, emotionally speaking.
Our finances are a quite complicated in that we own two or three properties that are rented out. The long term plan is that these would be our pension, we have no other pension provision. I don't know whether these would have to be re-mortgated if we divorce, this would be quite costly because the current mortgages have extremely favourable rates. We have two children that are both over 18, but that currently live in the family home, neither my husband or I live there. So I also need someone who can give good financial advice.
We are not fighting, we are friendly, so I'm hoping that there won't be any need to go to court.
And I'm so sad and scared that it has come to this sad

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 28-Jul-13 22:55:27

I have been very happy with Shikha Dikta she works out of the Garwick office of Thomas Eggar, but will come to Newbury to meet clients. My situation is similar complicated three properties, 1 business, 2 sizeable pensions with complicated add ons, OW and an ExH who she describes dealing with as like pulling teeth.

RunningWithSharpScissors Mon 29-Jul-13 12:03:35

Hi Lonecat - Newbury is a bit far away for me, I work full time, so I may just take 'potluck' with someone in Reading first, however it's good to have a someone to fall back on, so thank you.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 29-Jul-13 14:49:57

I would go with a larger firm then that has a specialist family law department to get really good advice.

SpringyReframed Mon 29-Jul-13 14:55:35

I will PM you as dont want to out myself just in case someone to do with my ex Twunt should read this!

RunningWithSharpScissors Mon 29-Jul-13 15:22:17

Thank you Springy, have replied :-)

mumblechum1 Mon 29-Jul-13 15:27:28

Anne Dellor at Clifton Ingram. (Wokingham) I used to practice in Wokingham at another firm and regularly had Anne on the other side.

She's very pragmatic, will always try to get things sorted out with the minimum of aggro, but still will stand your corner for you.

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