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So angry/upset

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91chloejp Sat 20-Jul-13 11:39:04

Firstly I am so glad to see the back of that man, it was a mistake to marry him in the first place.

We had been living at his aunt's and uncle's house for 2 months to help us save money to rent our own place but he kept losing his job. So it was a very stressful time but not once did I make him feel like a failure. I supported him and prayed for him all the time. I find out that I am pregnant two weeks ago and his true colours finally came out.

He knew how uncomfortable I felt being at my in-laws house as we only planned to stay for a month maximum so instead of supporting me, he'd play games to mentally torture me. The final straw was when his aunty had asked me to join the church choir but being pregnant I was very exhausted as I had spent the whole day running around after my DS(2). I accepted as I can't be rude to his aunt but I vented my anger to DH. He then laughed at me and told me to get a grip so being very tired and hormonal I started swearing at him he then proceeded to 'tell his aunt all that I had said' all this while I was seated two seats away from her. I messaged him on whatsapp to ask what he had said and he told me he said everything I told him word for word, swear words included. Obviously I felt angry and very uncomfortable that I walked out from the church. He followed me and told me that I deserved it. Later he confessed that he lied and only spoke to her about the sound system but told me the lie to get me back for swearing at him. Bear in mind that I am 5 weeks pregnant, been in and out of hospital with a possible EP, exhausted, far away from family of my own.

I broke down and cried and cried and cried. He told me that "you make me so should go back to your mum's house" and took his ring off.

Cutting this short as I only wanted to rant.. O hate him and I hate that I'm pregnant with another child when I could do without the extra stress

cjel Sun 21-Jul-13 09:29:04

rant accepted my lovely. Hope you have managed to get back to your family?x

91chloejp Mon 22-Jul-13 01:00:05

Thank you. I'm at my mother's house now so relieved. He called me begging me to come back to try and work things out but I'm really not interested right now. Looking forward to a stress free few months.

cjel Mon 22-Jul-13 15:28:45

glad to hear hope you have the support you need to make the decisions you have to .xx

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