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partner left me for another woman while pregnant.

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laurajayne1988 Wed 10-Jul-13 20:05:53

i was with my partner for nearly 4 years and we have a 2 yr old and a baby due in october... he left me the day after we came back from our holiday for another woman who is 8 years older than him, seperated from her hubby and has a son of her own - she has been vile towards me. she has text me saying i hope your baby dies, called police on me and social services he has had proof of all this yet is still with her. her friend has also threatened to 'batter me'. he was the best person i could have ever wished for but since he left he has been horrible towards me threatening me, calling me every name under the sun, not turning up for our daughter and because of this i lost my job yet every now and again he texts me saying he loves me and always will and hes devastated that he has lost his best friend... he really messes with my head when he does this. he works mon-fri 8.30-5 and then hes with her all the time and her child... he hasnt seen our daughter for over 2 weeks now and when he last saw her it was for an hour.

im feeling very down at the moment especially as im raising our daughter on my own as well as going through this pregnancy... i dont sleep and have lost 2 stone in weight which isnt good. its worse when my girl is in bed and im on my own. i have been to the gp and am being refered to a councellor. he wasnt at the 20 week scan and as i have to have a c section i dont even think i want him there especially as he has disrespected the baby by being in a relationship with someone who said she hopes the baby dies.

has anyone been through this or anything similar? any advice would be much appreciated.

sorry for the long post xx

Valdeeves Sun 14-Jul-13 00:19:13

How are you holding up? I'm so sorry he's done this to you. Did you live together before this ?

chocoreturns Wed 17-Jul-13 11:58:02

I have been through something similar. If you search my user name (chocoraisin) from last year my threads have lots more detail than I can give now. I have a nearly 3yo and my litte one turned 1 last week - we split when I was 15 weeks pg. I understand how utterly devastating it feels sad if I can offer you support in any way feel free to PM me. x

laurajayne1988 Thu 18-Jul-13 20:56:39

not doing great sad feel as though i will slowly get there though i have to for my girls we are having no contact now and ive phoned csa... yes we lived together sad just miss the old im ... thankyou chocoraisin i will do xxx

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